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From forging to lighting

Behind everything was a longing for something new. The year was 1942. One day, family man Gunnar Johansson found the courage to resign from the bus company and give free rein to the contractor inside him. His idea was to forge flower stands and decorations, focusing on quality and design. Soon customers came in crowds to Gunnar, who called his company Gnosjö Konstsmide.


Today, more than 80 years later, the company is still run by the Johansson family in Gnosjö. Our product range currently consists of Christmas and outdoor lighting, but with the same self-evident requirements for high quality and safety, as well as for stylish and functional design.



Innovation and quality

Innovation and quality are the foundation stones Konstsmide has relied, relies and will rely on. Being innovative is a prerequisite for creating the sustainable and environmentally friendly products our customers want. That we in the mid 1990s were the first in the world to use LED technology in our Christmas lighting still keeps us one jump ahead. It is simply in our DNA to dare try new things, dare be at the forefront.


In order to always offer safe and durable products, our entire business needs to be shaped by distinct quality-oriented thinking. We can guarantee production thanks to our own factories in Sweden and Hungary, as well as the close cooperation with our partners in China. Our products also undergo extensive third-party testing in order to be the safest on the market.


As early as 1947, we were behind Sweden's very first serially manufactured Advent candle holders. After that, we have repeatedly demonstrated that investments in innovation, solid craftsmanship and long-term cooperation pay off in the long run.

The Company

Gnosjö Konstsmide was founded in Gnosjö, Småland, in 1942 and is part of the family owned Gunnar Johansson Group. The Group has around 200 employees, of which about 45 are employed at Gnosjö headquarters. The rest work in subsidiaries in Germany, England, Finland, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Norway.

The current owners are the brothers Peter, Janne, Jonas and Daniel Johansson. Konstsmide’s desire is to always be the customer's first choice for Christmas and outdoor lighting. We achieve this by offering a complete and highly competitive product range of the best possible quality, service and delivery reliability.

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